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What is Pastry Store Rose? Edit

Roughly translated from the iOS App Store description:

Build delicious snacks, earn money and rebuild your shop!

■ Story Edit
You and your parents inherited a crushed sweet shop. Edit
As you come in to the shop, it's obvious that the shop is crumbling and there are barely enough cooking utensils. Edit
However, the shopping streets around the shop are lively. Looking around, you think, "I wonder if I can bring this store back?" Did you ever dream of making a candy shop? Perhaps this is the chance to make your dream come true! Edit
■ How to Play Edit
Harvest ingredients from the farm and combine the recipes to make various kinds of sweets. Edit
In the shopping district, you can buy recipes and ingredients you lack, expand your facilities, and enhance the functions of your shop or farms. Edit
Is it possible for sweet sales to change depending on the voice of the city's people? Let's make use of trends to create a spectacular sweet shop loved by this city! Edit
■ Recommended for people like this Edit
People who like sweets Edit
People who want to play casually in their idle time Edit
People who take life one step at a time Edit
People who dream of sweet shops Edit
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